Al Omani Institute is rooted in the heart of Oman at the capital Muscat from 1990 to extend its services throughout Muscat and other cities. All our programs are globally recognized with worldwide accepted accreditations to support students in Oman as well as other nations. Al Omani Institute is a professional educational service provider of programs that can boost individuals’ careers and improvise on their future opportunities.

Our Professional team is equipped with experiences specialized in Accounting & Finance, Administration, Information Technology, Soft skills, Languages and more courses.

We aim to provide the best professional certifications with a personal touch for school leavers, low to top level management and executives locally as well as internationally. Al Omani Institute has inbuilt the culture of the nation and continues to preserve its ethnicity to combine it with multiple learning modes and qualifications to enhance and contribute towards the nation’s success.

Our leader Mr. Nasser Al Mugheiry believes in encouraging and advancing the people of Oman in order to constantly invest in the growth of the nation to create opportunities and success in this challenging world for the upcoming generations.


At Al Omani Institute we vision to become the nationwide training education provider with higher learning to support the economic growth in Oman and to make our nation a global player.


The institute aims is to provide and promote the best quality educational qualifications to individuals to achieve their Dreams and ambitions through various programs in order to combat with the rapidly evolving challenges in the diversified industries.

Our Goals

  • To provide high quality and cost-effective trainings that are designed in order to enrich each individual or corporates organizational productivity.
  • To incorporate, promote and enhance the organizational environment for each customers needs that embeds development and growth opportunities for trainees.
  • To become socially responsible and provide professionally qualified knowledge and skills to students so that students are recognized globally at professional levels.
  • To prepare students for the rapidly growing and evolving challenges faced by the students in the industries today.
  • To combat challenges and support trainees with fast changing technological advancements for them to become efficient and effective in their career advancements.
  • To value customers and provide them with unequalled services to support their dreams.
  • To maintain high levels of quality and standard in our delivery of services ensuring customers have made a choice worth their value for money.
  • To promote flexible and adaptable options to customers to accept the challenging nature of modern education businesses and become a national Omani player.
  • To maintain long term relationships with our customers by providing them efficient and effective programs suitable for their needs.